Friday, January 27, 2012

Transition Town Manchester (TTM) invites you to take a ‘leap of faith’ this leap year by placing your order for grapevines for the springtime! This year Transition Town Manchester is partnering with Northeastern Vine Supplies and our friends Andy & India Farmer in West Pawlet, Vermont, our local supplier, to offer two varieties of grapes for sale to our local community. We will be hosting an informational session with Andy and India at the next monthly Green Drinks at Dorset Inn in Dorset, Vermont, which will take place at 6:30pm on Thursday, February 16. They will share information on the two varieties available, and also how to prepare to plant bare-root vines, establish simple arbors, and prune grapevines.

Somerset Seedless and Edelweiss varieties are each for sale online for $7.50 per vine. The vine sale will end on February 29, 2012. The vines will be available for pick up in April. The order form can be downloaded here.

TTM started a new tradition in 2010 when it sold 350 fruit trees in support of Bill McKibben’s, a day of global climate action. Then in 2011 TTM offered hazelbert nut trees for sale to the community. As in the past with TTM tree sales, the goal of this project is encourage our community to contribute to its own food production. The mission of this year’s offering it to extend the propagation of vines locally within our communities in partnership with a local producer.

About the Grapes

Somerset Seedless

A fully hardy pink seedless grape good for juice and jam. Hardy to around -30 and early ripening. Trailing growth habit and moderate vigor. Produces small to medium sized well filled clusters of orange-pink grapes with great flavor and texture. An easy seller at retail and farmers' markets. Great for the backyard.


White seeded wine, table and juice grape. Hardy to -30 F. Excellent disease resistance and adaptability. Has a pleasing fruity, labrusca flavor which becomes more pronounced the longer it hangs on the vine. Best harvested around 17 brix for a light Germanic style wine. Edelweiss has become the signature grape of the Nebraska wine industry as well as achieving great popularity in most northern Mid-Western states. Numerous awards, including The Best in Show White Wine at the 2009 Cold Climate Wine Competition, have been given in recent years to varietal Edelweiss wines. Makes a very nice seeded white table and fresh juice grape too. Ripens early season.

When in full production, the fruit of a single vine can be expected to total 10-12 pounds. They will need to be planted 5-6 feet apart. If the vines will be planted within a 4x8 arbor, it will accommodate 2-4 vines. The grapes can be expected to ripen the last week in August and first week in September.

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